Dental dentures

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Prosthetic rehabilitation focuses on restoring or improving bite, look, and articulation by installing crowns, bridges or porcelain veneers. These techniques can treat oral conditions such as the lack of one or more teeth.

Our services:

  • Singular crowns on top damaged teeth like broken or filled canals which due to these reasons they are sensitive.
  • Crowns on top of severe damaged teeth which needs reconstruction of the supporting frame by pourable shtift
  • Cemented bridges, firm, to substitute missing teeth
  • Cemented bridges, firm, on top of the implant
  • Dentures on implant
  • Partial portable dentures
  • Complete portable dentures

The materials we use to build crowns and bridges vary based on the given case or affordability:

Metal – Porcelain

Zircon – Porcelain

Full porcelain, metal free

Gold alloy – Porcelain

In case you set an implant, our clinic opens a file where the work done is described. This file serves as a certificate of the implants’ type and quality.

Simple portable dentures

Elastic portable dentures

Skeletal dentures

Skeletal dentures with attachments

Simple denture on two implants

Toronto bridge is metal bar which is installed on the implants and the teeth are placed.

Bruxism bite


Metal-Porcelain Crown

Zircon Crown

Full-zircon Crown

E-max Crown

Aesthetic facets

E-max facets

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