Klinika jon e vendosur ne qender te tiranes me nje pervoj 20 vjecare ne fushen dentare ofron nje game te gjere sherbimesh :


Higjene orale profesionale, Zbardhim profesional, Levigature radicolare, Fluorizim, Sigilim Pirsing

Dental Restoration

Dental restauration includes the examination and management of dentals diseases and the ...

Surgery and Parodontology

In our clinic we perform many types of surgery. The complex cases – e.g. impacted teeth or resection apical..

Dental Dentures

Prosthetic rehabilitation focuses on restoring or improving bite, look, and articulation by installing crowns...


Dental implants are recommended for patients who miss one or more dental elements...


Invisalign: is the latest innovation in orthodontics as they are practical, are unfixed...


Simple intraoral imagery Digital,Panoramex Cephalometry: Cephalometry comes along with ...

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